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How Can I Setup a Custom Domain in BlogSpot from Namesilo

Today I buy a Domain from Namesilo. Then I try it to set up in Blogger free hosting. So then I search it into Google that “How Can I Set up a Custom Domain in BlogSpot from Namesilo”. But, I do not find any proper and helpful tips in the search result. So, I go the Namesilo site and starting to read all posts about this topic. Then I get a concept about that and starting to setup my custom domain in Blogger Free Hosting. Today I want to share the Tips with all of you.

If you want to set up the Domain you must follow below works one by one properly:

A. Domain Name Servers Setup:

It is the first step. This is the works in your Domains home. You have the control of your Own domain and customize it by the following way.

  • 1.     At first you must go to the Namesilo site.
  • 2.     Then go to your active domain, which you want to setup custom DNS.
  •    3. There you mark the domain and press the “Change Name servers” button in the top options. Check that your domain Name servers are following picture type. (If you never change your Name servers Please ignore it).
  •     4. You see a blue button which says, “Manage DNS for This Domain” and press it.
  •     5. Then you see the below picture and apply the “Google Sites, Blogger, and AppsTemplates.
  •     6. A popup window will open and you press the “Accept” Button.
  •     7. Then the popup window will close and you get the proper DNS setup.
  •     8. Your domains CNAME and A Record DNS resource records are now fully appropriate for the Blogger Hosting.


B. Site Verification with Google Webmaster:

It is very important for your Domain. When I buy my first domain from Namecheap, they verified my domain usually. But, In Namesilo, you must verify your domain. So you must follow the process one by one.
  • 1.     Now open A New tab and you log into your Google account.
  • 2.     Then go to the Webmaster Tools.
  • 3.     If you logged in you see a red button which says “Add a Site” and press it.
  • 4.     A popup window open and you write your site name there like and press the continue button.
  • 5.     Then a page come and you must choose the “Alternate Methods”.
  • 6.     You select the “Domain Name Provider” radio button.
  •     7. Then you see like the TXT record and copy it.
  •     8. You go to your Domain Management page and press the TXT/SPF button.
  •     9. You leave the Host name Blank and paste the code in the Text Box and keep the TTL value as default and press the orange submit Button.
  •    10. You see a TXT record with your previous Existing Resource Records.
  •    11. Then you go to the Webmaster verification Page and press the Verification Button.
  •    12. You get a successful notification and get your Domain verified.


C. Blogger Setup:

This is the final and last steps. By doing these step, you can fully customize your domain in Blogger free hosting. So, follow the process.
  • 1.     You go to the Blogger site and Log in with your Google account.
  • 2.     Then create a free new site.
  • 3.     After creating the site, you go to the Setting page.
Add caption
  •     4. You see the blog address bellowing a text like Add a custom domain and press it.
  •     5. Then you press the Switch to advanced settings.
  •     6.  And write your Domain name containing WWW like and Press Save Button.
  •     7. Your domain is now fully hosted in free blogger hosting. Now Design your domain as your wants and starts blogging.

At finally you can fully Host your domain in Blogger free hosting. Don’t believe it, write your blog name in a new tab and press Enter. What you see? Congratulations! You can see your BlogSpot site with your own domain. If you face any problem don’t late and hesitate to comment here.
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  1. Very Nice and helpful post. Thanks.


  3. It doesnt right anymore,you need go to recommend method and choose other to see TXT record

    1. I check it today and I able to set a custom domain in my blogger site. Please check it again.

  4. Thank you for this very helpful and quite understanding text. All set up steps from tutorial are correct and still works.

  5. it is a powerful tricks for adding a domain on namesilo.codexmart

  6. I have succeed to redirect my namsilo domain on blogger but when I visit my site a massage is shown "Server not found"

  7. i have already stated blogging in blogspot and indexed 28 post. Now i want to buy a domain from namesilo. can i setup with this method or have a difference method? please inform me if you can.


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