Saturday, April 27, 2013

Now Visit all blocked sites more easily

Blocked Website

Sometimes the country or government or the authority blocked some of the sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google, porn or different gambling sites. Then you cannot use it with your internet network. If you want to use it, you must use a proxy software or must change your IP address. Today I am telling you the most easier and faster way to visit all the blocked site.
Visit Blocked Site
There are many ways to visit all the blocked site. But, I think it is the easiest ways. It's do not need any extra softwares. It is just used an add-on  in your Mozilla Firefox browser to visit all blocked sites. Follow the below steps:
1.       At first open your Mozilla Firefox. If you have not, you can download it from here.
Add-ons Option
2.       Press the Firefox Option Button and select the Add-ons button.
3.       A new tab open with you all Add-ons.
4.       Then type “AnonymoX” in the search option and press the search button.

AnonymoX add-ons
5.       You see a list of search results.
6.       Select the AnonymoX 1.0.1 and install it.
7.       Wait sometimes to fully download it.
8.       After ending download a pop-up window open which wants to install it. Select the install button.
9.       Then the Firefox wants to restart it.
10.   Restart the Firefox and you see a new option in your Add-ons bar.
11.   You can change it as your favorite country you want.
AnonymoX Use
12.   You can always active or inactive it by the Active option.
13.   Now visit all the blocked sites. You easily able to visit it.

It is the easiest ways to use the blocked sites I have ever seen. If you face any problem to use it, don’t be hesitated to comment here. We are always with you.


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