Thursday, June 20, 2013

Best Way to Protect Facebook ID Blocking

Facebook ID Block

Facebook is now the world’s best social site. We do not think about a couple of moments without Facebook. Facebook makes our life more social and more easily. Now we know the latest news and views from Facebook more easily. If you search any people who use the internet but do not use the internet, I sure you do not find any of the such types of people.
We want to new friends and want to meet with more friends. So we send many friend requests. When we send  a lot friend request, the Facebook block our Facebook ID for a particulars time. And the ID blocking time grew day by day in the such types of days: 2days, 4days, 7days, 15days and at least 1month. The actual cause of Facebook ID blocking is to have more than 50 pending friend requests. So, you must keep your pending friend request lower than 50 to protect Facebook ID blocking.

The process of protecting Facebook ID Blocking:

Today I Share the tips and tricks about protecting Facebook ID blocking. You can follow the below Facebook tricks for protecting Facebook ID blocking.

Facebook Login

1.  At first login to your Facebook ID.
2.  Then go to here.
3.  If you login with your Facebook ID you see the below box.
Give Permission

4.  It is a trusted Facebook App. So it needs permission to know about your all pending friend requests. So, press the Okey button to access them in your profile.
Bulk load all friend request

5.  Then press the Bulk Load button as the picture shown.
Load pending friend requests

6.  Now press the Get Friend Request Data button.
7.  A pop up window will open. Copy all the popup window text.
8.  Now paste all the text in the main window box showing like the picture.
9.  Then click the load friend request button.
10.  Wait for some moment to see all your pending friend requests.
All pending Friend request

11.  Then you see all of your pending friend requests.
12.  Now you can able to cancel the friend request you want one by one. You can refresh the page to know how much pending friend request has.
13.  It is better for you to cancel all the pending friend requests.
14.  Now you are ready to protect Facebook ID blocking.

Wish this Facebook tips and tricks help you to protect your Facebook ID blocking. If you face any problem, don’t hesitate to comment here. If you need any personal help you can contact with us. Thanks. Have happy Facebook Using.


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