Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easy Way to Transfer Your Domain to Another Provider

Domain Transfer
Today is the life of science and technology. So, every person tries to keep updated by internet and share to his/her own website and his followers. So, they want to make a website. You can make a website with blogger. Or you can buy a domain from Namecheap and Namesilo and Hosted it free by Blogspot. In many cases people want to transfer his domain to one provider to another provider. Today I am sharing the Domain transferring tips for you.

Transfer Namecheap Domain to Namesilo:

I share with you the easy way to transfer your domain. Most of the Domain provider site has the same rules for transferring the domain. For giving example I give you the domain transferring ways from Namecheap to Namesilo. Follow the steps one by one to transfer your domain.

1. At first login to your Domain provider Site.
2. Then Go to your Domain list.
3. Select your Domain which you want to transfer.
Disabled Domain option
4. Disabled the Auto renews option.
5. Also disable the WhoisGuard.
6. Now send a request for the EPP code for your domain. For Namecheap you go here.
Get EPP Code
7. Fill all the option and Press the Get EPP code Button.
8. They send you  an EPP code on your Account provided Email Address.
9. Now go to your email id and copy the EPP code
EPP code
10. Then go to your desire site where you want to transfer your Domain. For Namesilo provider you can go here.
Search for your domain to tranfer
11. Put your Domain name in the search box and press the search Button.
12. Then a page open and they want to your EPP code.
Give Authorization Code
13. Put your providen EPP code there and press the Transfer these Domain Button.
Shopping Cart
14. A shopping cart open and you select your addition there and press the continue button by logging or sign up there.
15. Then a billing page opens and select your Payment way.
Payment Way
16. After paymenting for the domain, they sent you a mail into your Email id.
17. Then confirming for the domain transfer and wait for 5 to 6 days to transfer your domain to this provider.

If you have completely done these steps one by one you can able to transfer your domain successfully. If you face any problem don’t hesitate to comment here or contacting with us. Happy Blogging.


  1. Are namesilo free privacy for first year like namecheap?

  2. Yes bro... They give you the full privacy ....


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