Thursday, January 2, 2014

Write any Language on Notepad

Write any lanuage on Noiepad

Normally we use the Microsoft Office Word to write any types of language. Because without English other language do not support on other applications or we do not know the any language writing tricks. Today I tell you the Notepad tricks that hoe ways you write any language on Notepad.



Notepad is so much faster than Microsoft Office Word and such types of applications. Normally you cannot write any other languages on Notepad. It shows you just ??????. So, you must know the Notepad tricks to write in any languages.


At first open your Notepad. I use the Notepad++, because I think it is the best Notepad category application. If you want you can download the latest version Notepad++ from here.


Write there your preferred language. What you see? You see some question marks like ?????? and nothing else. So, you must change the setting to enable Notepad++ with your preferable language.


Write different language on Notepad You select the ‘Encoding’ option from the Menu and select “Encode in UTF-8”. If you don’t understand trying like the given picture.


Now try to write your language again. What you see now? You can now success to write your language. This way you can edit the movie subtitle on your own language. You can also copy-paste different language by changing the Notepad setting this way.



It is very easy to do. If you not understand, please don’t hesitate to comment here. Next time I share a lot of small Notepad tricks, which can make you a computer expert to the Newbie.


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