Friday, September 5, 2014

Downloading Way From Linkbucks

downloading way from linkbucks

Many website owner uses Linkbucks link in their blog to earn from it. When you visit the link, they earn from it. Today I share with you the easy downloading way from Linkbucks link.


You must follow the steps to download from Linkbucks link.

1.      At first Click the Linkbucks link.
2.      You see a new website with the Linkbucks header.
3.      Wait for 5 seconds to load the Ads fully.
4.      They show you a countdown timer.
Skip linkbucks ads

5.      After 5 seconds it shows the skip Ad Button.
6.      Just press the Skip Ad button and get your destination site.


1.      For example youcan visit the link.
2.      They shows ads on the site.
3.      Wait for 5seconds.
4.      Now you see there the Skip Ad button.
5.      You just visit your choice-able address.

These way you able to use the Linkbucks link and you can download Movie, songs, Applications, Softwares from Linkbucks link. Now enjoy the Linkbucks link.


  1. Linkbucks is great,i use it daily and it makes me quite a bit of money $25-$50 a day on average..sometimes more
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