6 Things to do if you are suffering from Insomniac

Insomniac is the worst thing that one ever could face. It is really terrifying when you lie one bed and not able to sleep. In this situation you are stuck and can't find any end of it. and as a result you start your day with drowsiness and laziness.

So we are here with the cure of Insomniac that will help you out to sleep faster:

A Relaxing Bath

Try to have a relaxing bath before making your way out to the bed. Trust me, this will have a soothing effect on your body and you will get a peaceful sleep after this.

Reading Can Help

Make dim light and a book your bae for a night. So dim lights of your room just enough so you can read comfortably and don't try to finish whole story just read until you fall asleep.

How About A Walk

If you are restless and carried away by your own thoughts then try to walk. no, not jogging but a slow walk- a relaxing walk, wear something warm. by this best way to get some air and this will to help you to sleep.

Try To Check Pending Emails


I am sure you must be having ample of pending emails in your email box. The lines appearing on the screen and the late night typing will make your eyelids heavy in a couple minutes and you will fall asleep without any effort.

Say Good Bye To Tea And Coffee

Stop drinking coffee before going to bed or after evening. Once you quit drinking caffeine you will have a calm sleep and you will have a good sleep.

Try Four Seven Eight Technique

Four Seven Eight- sounds funny? but actually it's not funny it is a scientifically proven exercise. With this exercise your heart rate and blood pressure will decrease and it will make you fall sleepy.

Just inhale your breathe for four seconds, then hold your breathe for seven seconds and than exhale it for eight seconds.

Stop looking at the clock


Believe or not but often looking at clock will make it even more difficult to sleep. So, my dear turn your clock away from yourself. and if you are having habit of looking tome on your mobile phone then switch off your mobile phone. Trust me it will work.

Stop sitting in front of bright lights

If you want to sleep as soon as you go to bed. so turn off all the lights or just go for a dim light because bright lights stops the production of melatonin (it is a hormone that is present in your brain which regulates sleep).

Frame a scene in your mind

Try to imagine some you always wanted it to happen in your life. something you always dream of. move around your room and start visualizing. It is amazing to find how much you remember it clearly. may be this will help you to comfort your self and help you to go in to your dream land with peaceful sleep.


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