6.1 Earthquake Shook India, Afganistan and Pakistan

On Wednesday, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab, some regions of jammu and kashmir and Hindukush region was shook by 6.1 magnitude of earthquake. The origin center of earthquake was thirty five kilometers south of Jarm in Afghanistan which is close to the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border at 12:36 pm Indian Standard Time (IST).



Effect of Earthquake in India

This earthquake resulted into panic in the some parts with people rushing outdoors for safety. According to official report the earthquake caused no damage in India. but in our capital of the country metro trains was halted

In Srinagar Chowk- Rambagh flyover pillars near Aloochi bagh which was under construction slipped off.

Effect of Earthquake in Pakistan


In our neighboring country Pakistan, homes, offices and schools were quickly shut down and all rushed to their home.

According to a local news channel, due to collapse of roof of a home, one infant was killed and nine of her family members were injured in Baluchistan province.

Officials also rushed to Balochistan and nearby Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to report the damages.

Deputy commissioner Shabir Mengal quoted in some parts of Quetta, a dozen people were injured due to building damages or collapses.

but Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority said there was no serious loss occurred in the country.

Effect of Earthquake in Afganistan

The shops were closed and residents ran out of homes after they felt the tremor. Kabul is already facing alot since two weeks due to series of devastating militant attacks which killed more than 130 people.

According to Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authority, No casualties were immediately reported.

This is second time that the epicenter was near Afghanistan’s Jarm, first time in October 2015 it was hit by a devastating 7.5 magnitude quake which caused landslides and destroyed many buildings, In this tragic incident more than 380 people was killed across the region.


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