An Open Letter To All Husbands

Marriage is a gamble what with you not knowing how your husband or wife will treat you. Every girl has some expectations with her future husband. And being a husband a boy should look forward to make a beautiful future with would be wife and try not to judge her because of her past choices. This is a open letter to all husbands or would be husbands. so dear husbands before judging your wife for the choice she made in her past. you need to read this:

Her Past Relationships

Everyone has past experience, everyone makes wrong choice. but with passage of time everyone get clear perspective of what she want in a relationship. you should not judge her because of her bad experience in her past relationship. In fact you should be proud, "She realized, She accepted and she Moved on".

open letter


Boys a few drop of bloods cannot decide you better half's character. Don't try to judge her on the basis of her virginity.

Her Personal Time

open letter

Every girl love to have her own personal time. She seek to left alone for few hours. but this does not mean she don’t love you anymore or don't want you anymore. She might use this time to achieve her dreams or goals.

Her Parents

She has some responsibilities towards her parents. Don't think that she is irresponsible if she spend some time with her parents. She know she has equal responsibilities towards your family and don't worry she will fulfill it. Just give her sometime.

Her Independence

She is professionally successful, financially independent, loves to travel (sometimes alone with her own thoughts), and can even drive by herself. Rather than being irritated with her independence, take pride in marrying a girl who can manage anything and everything with her own. and feel happy when she helps you with your own little things.

Her Salary

Please don't mind if she spend her salary on her parents. They nourished her, bought her up. It's okay if she give her part of income to friends and family.






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