India: The land of Strange Superstition

India is a land of tradition and culture but it is also land of superstition.

Some times they make us laugh, sometimes they make us wonder what is this? but some people are bound to follow it regardless of anything and now this superstition has become part of our day to day life.

Let us see few of them which we follow without understanding:

Breaking glass is a good luck

The first thing you hear when you break glass is Mummy ke taane but in our country it is also believed that if we break glass unintentionally than a good luck is about to come.

And still i am thinking connection between good luck and glass.

Crow can bring guest to your house


We all get irritated by the crowing of the crow and we just not want any crow to come near our house but what if a crow gives us chance of Mehman-nawazi.

Yes! it's a another superstition in India, If a crow sits on the roof of someone's house than ready to welcome guest.

Walking over children's body can stop their growth


So, reason behind your short height can be your sibling's walk over on you. Sounds funny? In our country  it is believed that walking over children's body can stop their growth.

So if you are short heighted don't blame your hormones blame your elders.

Gifting shoe can make people exit from your life


In some household it is believed that gifting pair of shoe can make people exit from your life so you should never give shoe to your loved ones.

So if you want to breakup with someone try this remedy (LOL).

Throwing salt behind unwanted guest will marl their exit forever


You can rid of unwanted guest by Pouring salt at 45 degree angle with your right hand. Yes! some people believe in this but what i think is throwing salt from the front instead of throwing it from back can be more effective.


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