India Will Witness Super Blue Blood Moon Today

This 31 January will be marked as Lunar Eclipse.  but this lunar eclipse has became talk of the town because this is coinciding with super moon and a blue moon as well. This event is also called super blue blood moon and it is a rare lunar moon event which will be witnessed today.

According to NASA this celestial happening can be regarded as is a lunar trifecta due to which three particular events are colliding.

What is this Super blue blood moon?

Super Moon takes place when full moon coincides with it’s closest orbit point (perigee) to the planet. According to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) During this event people will witness 14 percent larger and 30 percent bigger moon.

The reason behind this occurrence of Super blue blood Moon is because it will also be a total lunar eclipse, when the satellite contains reddish tinge into it. this total lunar eclipse is also a second total lunar eclipse in the month of January 2018, and as told by NASA, if second total lunar eclipse occurs twice a month it is referred as ‘blue moon’. Super moon has become a “super blue blood moon.”

At what time you will be able to Super blue blood Moon?

Super Blue Blood Moon


  • People living in Siberia, Australia, New Zealand and northwestern US and Canada will be able to witness entire event. People from Africa, South America and Europe will not be able to witness this magnetic event.

  • In India north-east people will be lucky to witness it first, the super blue blood moon will occur this event between 4:21 PM and 5:18 PM (Indian Standard Time).

  • Rest part of India will witness it between 5:18 PM (Indian Standard Time) and 6:21 PM (Indian Standard Time).

  • The west coast and parts of Rajasthan will able to see the celestial event from 6:21 PM (Indian Standard Time) to 7:37 PM (Indian Standard Time).



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