6 Things You Must Not Dare To Do In Dubai

Every country has their own custom, tradition and religious beliefs. Things that seems to be normal in your country can be unacceptable in other country. We must abide law and customs of certain place if we are planning to visit there. So, if you are planning to travel Dubai here are certain things you must take into consideration:

No Alcohol In Public

If you drink alcohol in public; you can get into legal trouble. However, foreign tourist can have alcohol in private hotel (in a licensed hotel ) but you cannot over do it and do not ever think of drink and drive else you can go to jail.

No Short Dresses

If you have strong urge to flaunt your curves and skin, keep you urge under control because people of Dubai do not like persons displaying their body or people who encourage nudity (including man). you can be fined heavily for not dressing properly.

No Drugs

Strictly say 'NO TO DRUGS' in Dubai. The use, possession, and selling of drugs is illegal in Dubai and because of this many foreigners have been put behind the bars.

No Use Of Slang Words

You do not enjoy Freedom of Speech in Dubai. so choose your words wisely otherwise you can get into legal trouble. Once a foreigner tourist was fined for using the word f***.

No Photographs


As a tourist you would like to capture every possible thing of culture and tradition of a foreign country but you need to take consent of people before clicking their pictures, especially of a women

Use Right Hand Only

It has been observed by many people that people living in Dubai don't considered left hand good as they use it nly to clean their private parts or to wash something. So use only right hand to eat, shake hand or to open doors. and strictly try to avoid use of left hands.

Keep A Check of Your Wallet

Although Dubai is very low in crime rates but try to keep check of your wallet because Dubai is quite expensive country so spend wisely. In Dubai 1 dirham is equal to 17.48 Indian rupees.

No Public Display Affection

Well. when you go out on a holiday especially with your better half you want to have some PDA. But people living in Dubai are not so broad minded they consider PDA incident and in appropriate. Once a couple from Europe were charged for PDA and they were put behind bars. So please be safe in Dubai and stop PDA there.

Do not eat during Ramadan


Ramadan is one of the most sacred fasting month for Muslim community. and people in Dubai are majority of Muslim and they observe fast for the whole month till sunset. So it is considered rude to eat and drink in public before the moon has come. even if you are chewing a gum in front of them it is considered disrespectful. but you can eat in your hotel room or in a restaurant whatever you like.




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