6 Weird Laws Around The World That Will Leave You Awestruck

If you are planning to travel abroad than better be aware of some strange laws that prevail around the world. There are many nations around the world with weird laws which is beyond someone imagination. We all have heard that for proper functioning of society laws are necessary but some people took it to the next level and drafted unnecessary things in the law.

What’s more surprising is the fact that many developed nations like America, Singapore, Australia, and England have these craziest laws!

No Chewing Gum In Singapore

Chewing Gum lovers, have you ever thought chewing a juicy gum can sent you to jail? Yes, this is possible in Singapore. since, 1992 Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore only only gum you can chew there is dental or nicotine gum that too with the prescription of doctors.

Changing Light Bulb Can Be Dangerous

Changing bulb is very normal in our country but you can sent to jail for changing bulb in Vienna, Australia. Only a licensed electricity is allowed to do so.

Say No To Loo After 10 PM

Flushing toilet in Switzerland is strictly prohibited after 10 PM. According to government it is a noise pollution. God knows what people will do if they are suffering from lose motion.

Choose Your Partner Wisely In Vatican and Philippines

When You feel unhappy in marriage you head for divorce but what if you are not allowed to do so? You are not allowed to take divorce in Vatican and Philippines even if you are going through unhappy marriage. However, Muslims are allowed to take divorce in Philippines.

Jail For Forgetting Your Wives Birthday

Every wife will want this law to be imposed every where in the world. It is a crime to forget your wife’s birthday if you’re living in Samoa. So,If you are living in Samoa, you cannot afford to forget you wife's birthday.

Wearing Jeans In North Korea

North korea has been always in news because of it's weird laws. now north korea is in highlight because of it's another weared law and that is wearing blue jeans can become reason of your death as denims symbolizes the enemy United States of America.

Chickens cannot cross roads in Georgia

Weird Laws

Yes, you heard it right. it’s illegal for a chicken to cross the road in a country called Georgia and I am still wondering whats wrong if a chicken is crossing road?



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