How Much Protein Per Day

Protein is an important nutrient for good health. The word protein is derived from the Greek word ‘protos’ which means ‘first’ which shows protein to be an essential first nutrient for a human body. For gaining muscles and healthy hair, blood etc. protein is an essential nutrient. It’s necessary for athletes and body builders to include protein as an essential content in their diets to gain muscles and bulk up. But we often hear that we are consuming too much protein in our diets

How much protein one should exactly consume to maintain a healthy diet? The (RDA) Recommended Dietary Allowance, is 0.8 gram per kilogram of body weight each day is the least amount one should need to be healthy. For an average woman, it should be 46 grams which is equal to 10% of daily calories. If one follows the typical western diet, he/she can easily hit the target.

Multiple the number 0.36 by weight in pounds to get personal protein Recommended Dietary Allowance. People who are very active or want to achieve an optimal level of protein should double the amount of protein they are taking to gain muscle and support weight loss.

People who are very active that means getting at least 40-45 minutes of moderate exercise four or five days in a week, including resistance training two or more times a week. Consider eating 0.5 to 0.9 grams per pound of protein each day. That amount is considered to be best for rebuilding muscle tissue, especially if one does a lot of high-intensity workouts.

If one is trying to lose weight protein is best. Protein takes a longer time to digest than carbohydrates, it makes us feel full, it is also known that protein pushes our body to secrete the gut hormone, which leads to reducing hunger.

When one’s daily calories is consist of 30% of protein one will naturally eat less. Protein is helpful in decreasing appetite and managing cravings.

Studies are mixed about whether taking high protein diet leads to weight loss, but researches claim that protein can help one retain more and more lean muscle as it helps the body in loosing fat.

Protein is a must for people who are in middle age as eating protein helps maintain muscle and ward off osteoporosis, so one can stay more fit and functional in the growing middle age. Studies claim that adults who doubled the protein in their diets were better able to rebuild and retain muscle than adults who were consuming controlled protein in their diets.

What we must do??

Research’s on how much amount of protein is optimal amount for maintaining good health is continuous and still unknown. The exact amount of protein for losing weight and for cardiovascular health, for example, remains ambiguous.

People who want to increase protein in their diets its nit necessary to increase Beef, poultry, and pork, milk, cheese, and eggs. These products do have high quality protein but do have certain grains, vegetables, legumes, beans etc.

It’s also important to consider the fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that come up with the protein package. Protein sources which are low in saturated fat and rich in many nutrients are best to aim for.

If one is increasing protein in their diet they must consider excluding another unnecessary kind of stuff from their diet to maintain the calorie intake. For example, eating protein like grilled chicken instead of carbohydrates such as fried potatoes must be a healthier choice.

If one eats too few grams of protein every day, body can become deficient in the amino acids it needs to build and repair muscle, and thus muscle growth and gain are not possible.

The body has a certain amount of protein needs even if a person doesn’t exercise and goes to the gym. Every day cells in our body are dying and being regenerated, and this requires amino acids.

When we exercise lots of amino acids is demanded by our body to repair damaged muscle fibers and, depending on what we are doing, grows them larger. This is why athletes need to eat a high-protein diet to gain muscles and maximize performance.

10-35% of daily calories of athletes should come from protein even for cutting fat higher levels of protein intake is recommended.

If one concludes fish, meat, egg and other dairy products, one can easily meat his or her protein needs.

The frequency of protein taken by a person doesn’t matter as long as they hit the daily numbers. Eating protein again and again, will not help to build extra muscles.


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